World’s First Fully Electric Flying Car Approved in the USA

In a major milestone for the future of transportation, a California-based company has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the world’s first fully electric flying car. Alef Aeronautics, the pioneering company behind the innovative vehicle, announced that it has been granted a Special Airworthiness Certification, allowing it to conduct road and air tests.

The electric flying car, known as the “Model A,” is a low-speed vehicle that combines ground and air capabilities. It can be driven on public roads for up to 200 miles and conveniently fits into a regular-sized garage. However, it also has the ability to take off vertically and fly for a range of 110 miles. Alef Aeronautics offers a hydrogen option for the vehicle at a higher price point.

One of the car’s standout features is its unique gimbaled rotating cabin design, which ensures stability for the driver and passengers during flight. Alef highlights the car’s ability to avoid traffic and provides a cinematic 180-plus-degree view, enhancing safety and enjoyment during the flight.

The Model A flying car can seat up to two people and has an expected price tag of around $300,000. Alef Aeronautics has already begun accepting preorders for the vehicle and has reported a strong response from individuals and businesses alike.

The FAA’s Special Airworthiness Certificate, issued on June 12, 2023, allows Alef Aeronautics to use the aircraft for limited purposes, including exhibition and research and development. While this is not the first aircraft of its kind to receive such certification, it represents a significant step forward for the integration of electric flying cars into our transportation systems.

Alef CEO Jim Dukhovny expressed his excitement about the FAA certification, stating that it brings them closer to providing people with an environmentally friendly and faster commuting option, ultimately saving individuals and companies hours each week. The company is committed to revolutionizing transportation and believes this achievement is a monumental step for both the aviation and automotive industries.

The FAA is actively working on developing policies for the takeoff and landing of electric vehicles, indicating a growing interest in embracing this emerging technology.

It’s worth noting that Alef Aeronautics is not alone in its pursuit of flying cars. Another electric flying car, the XPENG X2, conducted its first public flight in Dubai last October. XPENG AEROHT, the largest flying car company in Asia and an affiliate of XPENG, achieved a special flying permit from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) for the groundbreaking event.

As the development and testing of electric flying cars progress, the future of transportation seems poised to become more efficient, environmentally friendly, and exciting. The approval of the world’s first fully electric flying car in the United States marks a significant step towards realizing this futuristic vision.

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