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White balance in photography | The essential guide

Several years ago, the popular blog Digital Photography School conducted a poll of more than 72,000 people to see what shooting mode is most popular among photographers. While most preferred manual or aperture priority modes, automatic mode accounted for a solid 14%. That’s the beauty of modern digital cameras; they’re …

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How AI farmed insects are helping to feed chickens

Corn and wheat have long been part of a traditional diet fed to farm chickens – but now there is something new on the menu – Black Fly larvae. BBC Click’s Paul Carter visited a farm that is using artificial intelligence to grow the larvae. The process is more environmentally …

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The ‘Most 200-yard rushing games’ quiz

It’s not easy for an NFL running back to win the MVP Award, but Derrick Henry is certainly building a strong case for himself this season. One week after stiff-arming Josh Norman into internet infamy, Henry steamrolled the division-rival Houston Texans into submission as well. Henry had 212 yards rushing …

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