The 6 Best Items to Wear With Jeans

If we all rattled off some of the key staples in our wardrobes, jeans would undoubtedly rank high on many of our lists. Rightfully so. That perfect cut is inherently effortless and classic and can be paired with pretty much any separate out there. On that note, I thought I’d spend a little time in my DMs to ask some of my favorite fashion follows about the specific pieces they’re currently teaming with their go-to jeans—you know, to inspire your fall wardrobe selection if that’s of interest.

The answers I got back were quite legit. While they run the gamut, the items in question do share similarities in that they’re all incredibly versatile and simple to wear. Intrigued? Excellent. Keep scrolling to uncover the six fall items fashion girls are wearing with jeans. I’m talking everything from a trendy sweater silhouette to a sleek outerwear pick. You’ll find a smattering of visual and shopping inspiration if something specific catches your eye. I also mixed in a few of my favorite jeans in case your denim offering could use a refresh as well.

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